Bobcat E17 Mini Excavator

Available For Dry Hire or Wet Hire

Bobcat E17 Mini Excavator

The 1.7t Bobcat E17 Mini Excavator (also known as compact excavator) delivers performance in confined spaces with the need for only minimal repositioning. The operator can hydraulically retract the undercarriage to a width of only 98 cm in order to travel through gates or between walls and houses, then expand it to 136 cm for a wider footprint and greater performance. The E17 has reduced tail swing for better versatility and manoeuvrability on compact job sites.

Bobcat E17 Mini Excavator Specifications

Bobcat E17 Mini Excavator Dimensions

(A)  235.0 mm
(B)  419.0 mm
(C) 1340.0 mm
(D)  1114.0 mm
(E)  1045.0 mm
(F)  2666.0 mm
(G)  2472.0 mm
(H) 3665.0 mm
(I)  25.0 mm
(J)  980.0 mm Retracted

(J*)  1360.0 mm Extended
(K)  2299.0 mm
(L)  230.0 mm
(M) 433.0 mm
(N)  589.0 mm
(O)  1128.0 mm
(P)  1009.0 mm
(Q)  1801.0 mm
(R)  1645.0 mm

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Optional Attachments

The following attachments are available for hire to suit the Bobcat E17 Mini Excavator.

Tilt Bucket

Saves time and improves productivity. The tilt bucket is a grading bucket with an integrated hydraulic cylinder, allowing the bucket to be tilted to either side.

$50 per day

Hydraulic Auger – 150mm Auger

Auger Size: S4 150mm
65mm Round
Tungsten Pilot & Teeth
Flight Length: 750mm
Overall Length: 1100mm Long

$75 per day

Hydraulic Auger – 300mm Auger

Auger Size: S4 300mm
65mm Round
Tungsten Pilot & Teeth
Flight Length: 700mm
Overall Length: 1200mm Long

$75 per day

Hydraulic Auger – 400mm Auger

Auger Size: S4 400mm
65mm Round
Tungsten Pilot & Teeth
Flight Length: 700mm
Overall Length: 1200mm Long

$75 per day